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Herbstsalon @ Gorki 13.–29. NOV 2015 | free admission How do refugees move in a city such as Berlin? How do they organise to get through? Where do refugees take spaces, what are the images refugees create of themselves? In cooperation with the artists Sarnath Banerjee, Christian Hanussek and Diana Lucas-Drogan as well as numerous further actors metroZones has developed a series of Mappings in three parts, which—in different scripts/handwritings and with diverse acentuations —broach the subject of urban refugee experiences. That includes the issues of rights and spaces, ofWeiterlesen
Herbstsalon @ Maxim Gorki Theater 13.–29. NOV 2015 | Eintritt frei Wie bewegen sich Geflüchtete in einer Stadt wie Berlin, wie organisieren sie ihr Durchkommen, wo nehmen Refugees sich Räume, welche Bilder schaffen sie von sich? In Zusammenarbeit mit den KünstlerInnen Sarnath Banerjee, Christian Hanussek und Diana Lucas-Drogan und zahlreichen weiteren Akteuren hat metroZones eine dreiteilige Serie von Mappingsentwickelt, die – in verschiedenen Handschriften und Betonungen – urbane Erfahrungen von Geflüchteten thematisieren. Dazu gehören Fragen nach Rechten und Räumen, nach Alltag und Ausnahmezuständen, nach der Handlungsmacht von Einzelnen und Kollektiven.Weiterlesen
21. NOV 2013. Lecture at Institut für Raumexperimente/Institute for Spatial Experiments, Universität der Künste Berlin, Studio Olafur Eliasson. with: Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew; Jochen Becker; Beatrice von Bismarck; AA Bronson; Olafur Eliasson; Eric Ellingsen; Fasil Giorghis; Elizabeth Giorgis; Tue Greenfort; Clara Jo; Mihret Kebede; Hans-Henning Korb, Robert Lippok and Raul Walch; Koyo Kouoh; Cynthia Kros; Jonathan Ledgard; Armin Linke; Robert Lippok; Bekele Mekonnen; Salem Mekuria; Felix Melia; Doreen Mende; Natasha Mendonca; Netsa Art Village; Emeka Ogboh; Elvira Dyangani Ose, Pere Ortín and Vic Pereiró; Georges Pfruender; Olga Robayo; Aykan Safoǧlu; BerndWeiterlesen

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CHINAFRIKA. Wanderbaustelle | traveling construction site

steirischer herbst Graz | Festival centre | FR 16. Oct 2015 | 21.30 Investigations into the traces of cultural and economical exchange between China and Africa, in which Europe long ago ceased to be actively involved. Economic and political relations between the People’s Republic of China and numerous countries on the African continent have intensified greatly over the past two decades. The economic and geopolitical consequences of this development have been a topic of international discussion for some time. However, the cultural concomitants have been largely ignored: Are we witnessingWeiterlesen

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Calle 22 Bogotá

Kunst- und Forschungsprojekt in Bogotá, Kolumbien. CALLE22 untersucht aktuelle globale urbane Probleme aus einer interdisziplinären Perspektive heraus. Die Ansätze und Strategien beziehen sich auf künstlerische Praktiken, urbane Ethnographie, Urbanistik und ästhetische Diskurse. Siehe Calle 22Weiterlesen

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Gilles Aubry: The Amplification of Souls

In this publication, Gilles Aubry presents elements from his sonic research in Christian charismatic churches in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. He explores the noise aesthetics of religious sound practices involving audio amplification, feedback, distortion and recording technologies. His documentation includes spiritual services, predications, sound-checks, rehearsals, a church video-archive, and film-soundtracks, as well as the preparation of an evangelization campaign in the city center. The book is edited by Kathrin Wildner and Gilles Aubry at adocsWeiterlesen
Based on close cooperation between artistic and scientific researchers „Faith is the Place“ explores how the new policies, economies, and cultures of faith in urban spaces are operating. also highlights the pictures and sounds, spaces, and practices created by the religious in the light of globalisation. The publication „Faith is the Place“ has emerged out of the traveling exhibition „the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers“, creating knowledge and experiences of religious movements in space and generated with the means of artistic research. Within „Faith is the Place“, the contributions presentedWeiterlesen

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globalPrayers.Saloon #5. Making Religious Cultures Visible.

globalPrayers.Saloon #5 Making Religious Cultures Visible. Roundtable about artistic approaches to religious spaces and spiritual practices in the cities.Weiterlesen
globalPrayers.Saloon #2 Künstlerische Aufnahmen. Urban Prayers erforschenWeiterlesen
With stagings. Kabul, Film & Production of Representation, the artist, filmmaker and author Sandra Schäfer raises the questions of media and political images of “Afghanistan” in multiple ways. The city of Kabul and the cinema create stages for the counter-production of representation, for new definitions and reinterpretations of gender roles and power relations. stagings addresses urban issues “beyond the civitas” but also keeps an eye on cultural production, image politics and media strategies. The book presents photographs, film stills and documents from the past forty years. The highlighted films, internationalWeiterlesen