Mapping along

Mapping as artistic research and as an image- and space-producing practice is at the core of this exhibition. It brings together selected mappings that metroZones has created during its explorations of recent years and juxtaposes them with invited international positions. All of the works presented share a focus on tracing and materializing urban conflict situations and resistance.Weiterlesen
"Mapping along" was made possible by the participation of a wide range of artists from many different places. In the run-up to the exhibition, metroZones spoke with them about the role of mapping in their work. The conversations were recorded on video. Here you find clips with Peter Spillmann, Katharina Pelosi, Pedro Ceñal Murga, Larissa Fassler, Christoph Schäfer, Stefan Endewardt and Joerg Franzbecker, Tytus Szabelski and Jeremy Tenenbaum.Weiterlesen
An extract from a longer version that is part of a magazine on the exhibition "Mapping Along" attached to the taz.die tageszeitung print edition of 16 April 2021.Weiterlesen
This event addresses the issue of how urban space, everyday life, and working conditions are going to be reformatted by platform economies. What about possibilities to recode "smartified" cities in a public good oriented way? Guests: Bartek Goldman & John Malamatinas (researchers/activists, Berlin vs. Amazon/Make Amazon Pay), Tadeáš Říha (co-editor of "Steel Cities", London/Prague), Scott Rodgers (researcher, Birkbeck, University of London), Kuba Depczyński (curator, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw), Ulf Treger (city/data/explosion, Hamburg) and Elizabeth Caldéron Lüning (researcher, Weizenbaum Institute, Berlin).Weiterlesen
In this second mZ.School as part of the exhibition "Mapping along", we focus on ways of reading maps. We conceive it not as passive but as an active sense-making procedure of reconstructing and deconstructing how a given mapping "speaks to us". The school will open with a public lecture by Sergio Beltrán-Garcia (architect, Mexico City). In the Saturday workshop we will analyse mappings of various formats from different urban and spatial settings. The outcome of the workshop will be discussed with the participation of Monika Streule (urban scholar, Zürich).Weiterlesen
Using the tools of documentary filmmaking and an expanded visual language, Nigerian artist Rahima Gambo explores the experimental narrative of mapping as “walking.” In her film, documentary storytelling, embodiment, psycho-spiritual geography, sociopolitics, urban environment, and autobiography intersect. Rahima Gambo in conversation with Christian Hanussek and Laura Horelli.Weiterlesen
This double event engages in a dialogue on the boundaries of mapping from a performative perspective, ranging from mapping performances to operational space. From that kind of distance, the evening approaches the question “Is this still mapping?” from various angles while negotiating differences and overlaps through conversation. Guests: Benedikt Stoll (Guerilla Architects, Berlin) and Laliv Melamed (film scholar, Frankfurt/M.).Weiterlesen
In the first mZ.School as part of the exhibition "Mapping Along", the collective and collaborative process of mapping will be practically explored and tested in a hybrid, that is online-offline, format. The object of research will be the location of the exhibition itself – the Bethanien in Kreuzberg and its surroundings, which is historically a contested space. The school will open with a public lecture by Nishat Awan. The outcome of the research will be discussed with the participation of the "In Dissent?" group.Weiterlesen

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metroZones.Saloon #14, 17.4.2021: We Call it Mapping

An online tour through "Mapping Along" and a talk with metroZones and artists participating in the exhibition about strategies and experiences of mapping. Guests: Larissa Fassler, Stefan Endewardt, Christoph Schäfer, Tytus Szabelski, Peter Spillmann, Jeremy Tenenbaum, Katharina Pelosi, Pedro Ceñal Murga and Simon Sheikh.Weiterlesen