metroZones.Saloon #15, 7.5.2021: The Boundaries of Mapping. Operational Spaces and Performances

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Event in English

(→ deutsche Version) With this double event, the participants will engage in dialogues on the boundaries of mapping from different perspectives, ranging from mapping performances to operational spaces. By that the mZ.Saloon approaches the question “Is this still mapping?” while negotiating differences and overlaps through conversation.

Benedikt Stoll (member of the artist collective Guerilla Architects) and Diana Lucas-Drogan (metroZones, mapping artist) will examine the performative aspects of mapping. The practice of Guerilla Architects, as it becomes visible in ‚“1km2 Berlin“ and „Language of Speculation“, expands mapping by the layer of the human body and the construction of language. In her own work, Diana Lucas-Drogan weaves her performative mapping practice around questions of positionality and the production of space. While having their discussion in the room „Hellersdorf“ – the performance room of the exhibition „Mapping Along“ at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien – both Benedikt and Diana will reflect on the role of mapping in critical planning practice. „How do maps perform and get performed?“ will be the key questions of this talk.

In the second dialogue with postdoc scholar Laliv Melamed (Institute for Theater, Film and Media Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt), the potential of the „operational“ will be highlighted for images, spaces and even mappings. According to philosopher and artist Daniel Rubinstein, we currently find ourselves in a “twilight of representation”. Due to artificial intelligence, photography or film is no longer the medium of the visible, but the making visible of the unseeable. Taking place in the room „Chinafrica“, this dialogue will approach a variety of questions: How do self-driving cars ‘see’ the cities they’re traversing? What kind of spaces are surveyed by a single autonomous vacuum cleaner? How are the electronic bands on the arms of Amazon employees tracking their performance across a warehouse? Using cameras and sensors, these „smart“ devices are reading our platformed world, joining together in the process and thus reinforcing their effective power. How will we navigate in a machine-readable city? What will be the dialogue between people and the machines like? And how is the world already been modelled by AI?

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Click here for the PDF version of the magazine on the exhibition Mapping Along attached to the taz.die tageszeitung print edition of 16 April 2021.

The project is supported by funds from the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe: the Capital City Cultural Fund, the Fund for Municipal Galleries and the Fund for Exhibition remuneration for visual artists.