(→ deutsche Version) The exhibition Mapping Along will be accompanied by an event series – featuring lectures, roundtable discussions, film presentations and workshops – that examines the making and reading of maps from different perspectives while also exploring the boundaries of mapping. The range of approaches to mapping will be put into practice and discussed as a knowledge and understanding process and also reflected as image production and visual practice. In the metroZones.Schule des städtischen Handelns (metroZones.School for Urban Action), mapping practices will be tested and discussed.

In addition to the exhibition artists, many other researchers, artists, and activists will take part in the workshops and discussions, including Nishat Awan, Tytus Szabelski, Bartek Goldmann/Berlin vs. Amazon, Dagmar Pelger, Sergio Beltrán-García, Monika Streule, Ulf Treger, Elizabeth Calderón Lüning, and more.

All events are held in English.
Depending on the current situation, they take place in online formats or on site.
Please check the website of Kunstraum Bethanien or that of metroZones for information at short notice.

The metroZones schools (April 24-25 and May 29-30) are separated into a public evening event and a non-public workshop with limited capacity.

We ask for individual registration for all events at: mappingalong@metrozones.info

More information about the exhibition Mapping Along

Click here for the PDF version of the magazine on the exhibition Mapping Along attached to the taz.die tageszeitung print edition of 16 April 2021.


metroZones.Saloon #14: We Call it Mapping
17 April 2021, 7 pm
Discussion with metroZones and the exhibition artists about the diverse strategies and experiences of mapping.

metroZones.Schule: The Making of Maps: Property and other Spatial Measures
23 to 25 April 2021
In the first metroZones school, the mapping method as a collective and collaborative process will be explored and tested in practice. The object of research will be the exhibition location itself – the Bethanien as a contested space – as well as questions about the property relationships and spatial measures surrounding Kreuzberg’s Oranienstrasse. With Dagmar Pelger, Nishat Awan, and others.

Friday 7 pm: Lecture by Nishat Awan in conversation with Dagmar Pelger and Kathrin Wildner
Saturday 10 am to 7 pm: Workshop
Sunday 11 am to 3 pm: Workshop

metroZones.Saloon #15: The Boundaries of Mapping. Operational Spaces und Performance
7 May 2021, 6 to 9 pm
This double event engages in a dialogue on the boundaries of mapping from a performative perspective, ranging from mapping performances to operational space. From that kind of distance, the evening approaches the question “Is this still mapping?” from various angles while negotiating differences and overlaps through conversation. With Guerilla Architects and Laliv Melamed, in conversation with Jochen Becker and Diana Lucas-Drogan.

metroZones.Saloon #16: A Walk. Film Screening and Discussion
20 May 2021, 9 pm
Using the tools of documentary filmmaking and an expanded visual language, Nigerian artist Rahima Gambo explores the experimental narrative of mapping as “walking.” In her film, documentary storytelling, embodiment, psycho-spiritual geography, sociopolitics, urban environment, and autobiography intersect. Rahima Gambo in conversation with Christian Hanussek and Laura Horelli.

metroZones.Schule: Rereading Mappings: Space, Conflict, and Violence
28 to 30 May 2021
In the second metroZones school, we shift the focus from the making of maps to the reading of maps, conceiving mapping as a method for thinking about situated spatial knowledge and power in cartographic practice. Through collaborative map reading, we uncover different or even divergent approaches to reading, and distinguish among cartographic discourses, strategies, and languages. What role do mappings play in the materialization of urban conflicts and violence? With Sergio Beltrán-García, Monika Streule, and others.

Friday 7 pm: Lecture by Sergio Beltrá-García in conversation with Anne Huffschmid
Saturday 10 am to 7 pm: Workshop
Sunday 11 am to 3 pm: Workshop

metroZones.Saloon #17: Stadt als Byte – TechUrbanism, New Work and the Recoding of the Urban
3 June 2021, 6 to 10 pm
In this roundtable, researchers, artists, and activists from London, Poznań, Barcelona, and Berlin address the question of how platform economies and digital technologies are reformatting urban space, everyday life, and particularly working conditions – as well as what opportunities for appropriation and recoding are available. Topics covered will range from the operations of online giants like Amazon in Berlin and Poznań to experiences with digital commons. With Bartek Goldmann & John Malamatinas, Tadeáš Říha, Scott Rodgers, Kuba Depczyński, Ulf Treger and Elizabeth Calderón Lüning.
The ongoing research project “Stadt als Byte” is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

The project is supported by funds from the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe: the Capital City Cultural Fund, the Fund for Municipal Galleries and the Fund for Exhibition remuneration for visual artists.