künstlerische Forschung

In den Städten des Globalen Südens bleibt das Religiöse in ständiger Bewegung, hebeln hybride Praktiken "von unten" immer wieder fixe Ordnungen und überkommene Hierarchien aus. Eine Diskussion über das künstlerische Erforschen des Religiösen im urbanen Raum. Gäste: Regina Bittner (Bauhaus-Kolleg, Dessau), Rainer W. Ernst (Muthesius-Kunsthochschule, Kiel) und Michaela Ott (Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg).Weiterlesen
The publication „Faith is the Place“ has emerged out of the exhibition „the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers“, creating knowledge and experiences of religious movements in urban space, generated with the means of artistic research. It offers a differentiated view on the connections between urban cultures and religious practices, between the promise of salvation and social liberation. Guests: Bärbel Högner (photographer/ethnologist) und Christiane Müller-Lobeck (journalist).Weiterlesen
This publication has emerged out of the traveling exhibition the "Urban Cultures of Global Prayers". Based on close cooperation between artistic and scientific researchers, "Faith is the Place" explores how the new policies, economies, and cultures of faith in urban spaces are operating. It also highlights the pictures and sounds, spaces, and practices created by the religious in the light of globalisation.Weiterlesen
A roundtable about artistic approaches to religious spaces and spiritual practices in the cities within the project "global prayers. redemption and liberation in the city". Guests: Surabhi Sharma (Mumbai), Magdalena Kallenberger and Dorothea Nold (Berlin/Kairo/Istanbul) and Sam Hopkins (Nairobi).Weiterlesen
Eine Diskussion über künstlerische Forschung mit den am Projekt „global prayers. redemption and liberation in the city“ teilnehmenden KünstlerInnen. Gäste: Sabine Bitter und Helmut Weber (Vancouver/Wien), Gilles Aubry (Berlin), Katja Eydel (Berlin) und Helmut Draxler (Kunsthistoriker, Berlin).Weiterlesen
With "stagings. Kabul, Film & Production of Representation", the artist, filmmaker and author Sandra Schäfer raises the questions of media and political images of “Afghanistan” in multiple ways. The book addresses urban issues “beyond the civitas” but also keeps an eye on cultural production, image politics and media strategies. The book presents photographs, film stills and documents from the past forty years.Weiterlesen