Faith is the Place. The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers. metroZones 11

Based on close cooperation between artistic and scientific researchers, Faith is the Place explores how the new policies, economies, and cultures of faith in urban spaces are operating. It also highlights the pictures and sounds, spaces, and practices created by the religious in the light of globalisation.

The publication Faith is the Place has emerged out of the traveling exhibition the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers, creating knowledge and experiences of religious movements in space and generated with the means of artistic research. Within Faith is the Place, the contributions presented in the exhibition by artists from eleven countries are complimented with further research results and alternate with essays on city and religion, art and science.

With contributions by Gilles Aubry, Jochen Becker, Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber, Matilde Cassani, Ayşe Çavdar, Lía Dansker, Aryo Danusiri, Amanda Dias, Helmut Draxler, Katja Eydel, Christian Hanussek, Frida Hartz, Gerda Heck, Anne Huffschmid, George Jose, Magdalena Kallenberger/Dorothea Nold, Stephan Lanz, Verónica Mastrosimone, Victor Okhai, Sevgi Ortaç, Rika Collective, Klaus Ronneberger, Laura Roush, Joseph Rustom, Sandra Schäfer, Surabhi Sharma, Jens Wenkel, Kathrin Wildner and Paola Yacoub.

metroZones (ed.)
Faith is the Place. The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers
metroZones 11, b_books, Berlin, 2012, English / ISBN 978-3-942214-04-9