mZ event at urbanize! Berlin, 10.10.2018: Digital Economies in the Urban Everyday

7 – 10 pm, at Bona Peiser (formerly Stadtteilbibliothek), Oranienstr. 72, 10969 Berlin.

Event in English with international guests (whispered translation into German if required)

(→ deutsche Version) metroZones focuses on the design and transformation of urban space through digital technologies and platform economies. Is web-based urban production replacing creative production? Translocal explorations between Moritzplatz, Brooklyn, London and Hamburg.

Five years ago, metroZones investigated the Creative Industry Cluster Moritzplatz. Today, the credo of creative urban production seems to have given way to digital production: everywhere there is talk of urban smartness, Webtech and startup ecosystems.

What does the advance of „platform capitalism“ (Nick Srnicek) and network technologies mean for everyday urban life? What specific roles do tech industries and „makers“ play for urban reformatting and upgrading? And what possibilities are there for residents to intervene in these developments? metroZones discusses these questions using examples from various cities.

    • „WebTech, Urban Affairs and the metroZapp „, introduction by Anne Huffschmid, Kathrin Wildner and Erwin Riedmann (metroZones)
    • „Maker Place Brooklyn“, input by Amanda Wasielewski
    • „Radical Technologies and the Everyday“, input by Adam Greenfield
    • „New Strategies for the Everyday“, discussion with Ulf Treger and metroZones

Amanda Wasielewski (media scholar from Amsterdam, author of Made of Brooklyn, 2018)
Adam Greenfield (founder and managing director of design practice Urbanscale (, Senior Urban Fellow at LSE Cities in London, and author of Against the Smart City, 2013)
Ulf Treger (co-organizer of City/Data/Explosion and other projects on digital tools and practices,
Hannes Strobel (BOSS & U, alliance Otto Suhr housing estate & surroundings, Berlin)

metroZones within the framework of urbanize! International Festival for Urban Explorations in Berlin, October 5 – 14, 2018.