GLOBAL PRAYERS – REDEMPTION AND LIBERATION IN THE CITY, Second Workshop, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 11.07 – 17.07.2010

The second workshop of the project „Global Prayers — Redemption and Liberation in the City“ took place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin from July 11th to 17th. The workshop gathered, for the first time, grantholders, associated researchers, artists and cooperation partners of Global Prayers. The main objective of this non-public workshop was to discuss the overall research questions, approaches, methods and forms of cooperation of the project. The core of the event was the presentation and discussion of the research proposals of the grantholders as well as of the artist projects. Some further lectures and comments on methodology framed the workshop, as well as time and space for working groups, networking and informal talks between participants and the project management.

Presentation of Global Prayers
– Forum Transregionale Studien: Georges Khalil
– Haus der Kulturen der Welt: Susanne Stemmler
– Europa-Universität Viadrina: Werner Schiffauer
– metroZones: Stephan Lanz / Kathrin Wildner / Jochen Becker: Global Prayers: Idea and Structure of the Project

Global (Neo-)Pentecostalism: From Lagos to the Diaspora
– Annalisa Butticci: Lagos: Spiritual Warfare and Travelling Spirits. A Transnational Multi-Sense Journey from Lagos to the Diaspora
– Richard Burgess: Nigerian Pentecostals in London and Lagos: Transnational Net-works and Public Space
– Victor Okhai: Christian Nollywood and Media-Production
– Jens Wenkel: Presentation of the Documentary- and Workshop-Project on Lagos
– Adé Bantu (Brothers Keepers): Westafrica, Islam and HipHop
Martijn Oosterbaan: Concluding Comment

Interfaces and Zones of Demarcation: Beirut
– Joseph Rustom: Global Brother vs. Local Other: Mapping Global Dynamics in Bei-rut’s New [Quasi] Religious Spaces
– Hiba Bou Akar: The Spatial Construction of the Religious “Other” in Beirut
– Paola Yacoub: Religious Visualization in Urban Space in Beirut
– Thomas Burkhalter/NOrient: Lo-Fi versus Hi-Fi: The Arab World between Satellite-Islam, Cassette-Sermons, and Sound-Art
Amanda Dias: Concluding Comment

Local (Neo-)Pentecostalism: Rio de Janeiro
– Amanda Dias: Transnational Religious Belonging and Belonging to the Nation State: a Comparative Approach between (neo)-Pentecostalism and the Islamist Movement
– Martijn Oosterbaan: Sonic Charisma: Sound, Religion and Politics in Rio de Janeiro
– Sabine Bitter/ Helmut Weber: Artistic Research on Production of Urban Space (via skype)
David Garbin: Concluding Comment

Theology of Liberation and Urban Practices
– Anne Huffschmid: The Theology of Liberation Project in Buenos Aires and Mexico City
– Ultrared: Faith based Community Organizing in New York and Los Angeles (via skype)

Migration, Urban Space and Religion
– George José: Playing God – The Celebration of RamLila in Bambai
– Gerda Heck: Migrants’ Routes – Religious Routes. The role of (Neo-)Pentecostal Churches on Migration Routes of Congolese Migrants
– John Fleetwood (Market Photo Workshop): Photographic Research on Migration and Urban Space
– David Garbin: Introduction and Co-Moderation
Annalisa Butticci: Concluding Comment

Religious Politics and Urban Conflicts in Istanbul
– Ayse Çavdar: The Loss of Modesty: Muslim Family’s Adventure from “Neighbor-hood” to the Gated Communities
– Orhan Esen: Religious Politics and Urban Conflicts in Kagithane
– Sevgi Ortaç: Attack of the Urban Legends: The Habitable Labyrinth of the Land Walls of Istanbul
– Charalambos Ganotis: The New Muezzin and Public Space in Istanbul
Gerda Heck: Concluding Comment

Religion and Street Politics
– Aryo Danusiri: Sufi Bikers and Arab Saints: Mobility and the Formation of Emerg-ing Islamic Movement in Urban Indonesia
– Sandra Schäfer: Teheran 1979/2009
– Gilles Aubry: Sound Based Research & Sound Art Practice: Audition, Captation and Production of Sonic Images Applied to Field Investigation.
– Katja Eydel: Photographic Research on Representation
George José: Concluding comment

Artistic Research: Approaches and Methodology
– Elke Bippus: The Art of Research
– Erika Fischer-Lichte: Mise-en-scène / Performance
– Werner Schiffauer: The Production of Evidence

Interim Résumé: Topics, Routes, Methods, Forms of Cooperation
– Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt: Critical Questions on Global Prayers from a Post-Colonial Perspective
– Alexa Färber: Comments on the Present State of Global Prayers
– Proposals for Working Groups

Global Prayers Guided City Tour

“Global Prayers” is a joint project of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), the cultural studies faculty of the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder) and metroZones – Cen-ter for Urban Affairs. As a project at the Forum Transregionale Studien it is funded by the Land Berlin.