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Calle 22 Bogotá

Kunst- und Forschungsprojekt in Bogotá, Kolumbien. CALLE22 untersucht aktuelle globale urbane Probleme aus einer interdisziplinären Perspektive heraus. Die Ansätze und Strategien beziehen sich auf künstlerische Praktiken, urbane Ethnographie, Urbanistik und ästhetische Diskurse. Siehe Calle 22Weiterlesen
Cities are appropriate sites for an examination of the spatial dimension of transnationality. This is where global processes are concentrated, localized and become transformed and materialize in physical space. In most recent studies on transnationality categories of space are acknowledged in basic terms like ‚bifocality‘ and ‚here and there‘, they are generally examined focussing on social networks, but not with regard to the (material, social or discursive) constitution of space. The conference focuses on the manifestation of transnationality in cities, on the physical transformation of spaces as arenas for transnationalWeiterlesen